Server rack for safety; Kiosk for satisfaction: perfection towards success

A computer server rackis known by different names such as server cabinets, enclosures, network racks and the like. The server shelves offer specific platforms where you can keep hardware equipment and accessories of your business. These racks come with effective temperature control feature which reduces the amount of heat generation. Also at the same time, it protects your computer from any kind of unwanted accident.

Are you planning the design of your server room? Have you decided on aserver rack? If not, you should give it a thought then. These rack enclosures contribute to the progress of your business firm.


These can accommodate all your equipment and complete network system in a small space.There are racks or shelves to keep the machines on top of another safely.Moreover, the employees workingin the area will be safe from any electrical shock or irregularity.

Be it your home or office, server racks are available in various designs to exactly fit your machines. But if you plan to purchase one, keep in mind some essential factors:

• Size of the cabinet:

The moment you will visit an outlet or a manufacturer’s website, you can see a range of models. They all have different features with different styles. Plan in advance what your requirements are – what machines and equipment you have. Then select your server rack accordingly.

• Safety factors:

Afterall, security should be of top concern.Being an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your staff as well as the office.So, before you purchase a server rack, make sure it matches with your office’s security strategy.

For example- Get server racks with locked doors.

Different clients have their own specifications. So, reliable manufacturers enable customization on thedesign of a server rack as per client necessity. Here are some models for your ease:

• Top & side panels

• Feet option for overload control

• Flexible or fixed racks

• Mounting rails

Kiosk is a good addition:

Now that you have a server rack,expand your customer serving facility by installing a kiosk.No customer, not even you, would like to stand in long queues for getting certain services, would you? Kiosks are self-servicing units with specific software and advanced technology to serve the public. You can either install them in your office premises or inimportant public places.

Functions kiosks perform:

If you want to know specific functions that a kiosk can perform, below is an idea for you;

• Provides information about train schedules, route details, event details, data about history, etc.

• Makes ticket booking possible if placed in a cinema hall or railway station.

• There are telekiosks used to send fax or email easily.

• You can also access internet through internet kiosks even in public places.

When you need to install both kiosk and service rack, it’s better to contact a single manufacturer offering both the products. That would cutdown your investment cost.

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