Say Hello to robust, high quality racks and support systems!

19-inch EIA rack

It is a standard frame for mounting standardized for mounting equipments. Each floor has a panel which is 19 inches wide and has edges which allows panels to be fastened or glued. It is used for mounting several units of server, telecom and security equipment or even as cold storage centers.

The main features of a goo rack unit is that they should have a good appearance with air holes for breathing, detachable to adjust levels as per user needs as well as have a high load taking capacity. Coating on the bodywork should prevent it from corrosion and should have more than one detachable panels. Materials used should be robust to both internal and external use as well as exposure to low temperatures.

LCD stands and mounts

These are the standard support equipment required for an efficient support of one’s flat paneled television. The stands are used to keep the television sets on desk tops and the wall mounts are drilled to the war so that one can fix the Television there in order to get a cinematic experience. Good LCD support systems should be made with high quality plastic and have a high load bearing capacity as they are going to support a TV’s entire weight while hanging from the wall.

Console System

A console system is used to store a number of computer or telecom equipment in and along series of racks in combined form or even individually. These console systems are used in control rooms to monitor a particularly large area via camera surveillance which brings back live feed to the computers.

It is an extremely necessary equipment as it drastically reduces manpower required to monitor an extended area. High quality steel is used to make these centers to make them more robust and are also available in standard or customized versions. These systems also offer efficient cable management system so that the desktop maintains a tidy look and the cables are untangled.

A good console center such be made with the latest standard quality equipment which can be repaired easily in cases of damage and also have a heavy load bearing capacity since a large number of systems could be stacked up against each other.

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