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Office Cabinets

A cabinet can be defined as anything which houses or stores information. Ideally used for storing files, equipment’s and storehouse material.

A sliding door cabinet is such that it has sliding doors which move with the help of hinges with a basic option of locking available as well. Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes they offer unlimited possibilities to cater to one’s needs. A stylish cabinet maybe the focal point of a room, so be wise in choosing one.

A swing door cabinet is ideal for storing files and documents in an office but is also a popular choice in changing lockers, receptions and in workshops. Each cabinet has two doors which swing open in the opposite direction, containing two or more panels and can also be used for using sensitive data with the availability of locking mechanism.

Glazed swing door cabinets are transparent in nature which allows for less privacy, but has an attractive appearance and are usually used for storing books and files so that be easily kept track of and retrieved at a moment’s notice.

A lateral filling cabinet makes use of the drawer principle where each panels are divided separately. This allows for easy sorting of the things which are to be kept as well as granting privacy to them with locking. It may come in two or three chambered forms.


An aesthetically pleasing workstation is extremely important in order to boost employee morale and generate maximum output. Ideally workstations are grouped in cubicles housing two or three employees. These should be upgraded with the latest quality swiveling chairs, desks which made be wood carved or made of metal and come in various shapes and forms.

An L-shaped desk complete with lateral filling cabinets should ideally be an individual’s workplace, as they are spacious so that one can store files and folders as well in one part and work on the other.

Conference room desks can house up to six or more people at a time and are also an important feature of workstations. Care should be taken so that everyone seated around the table should have a clear view of every other person in the room. These desks and chairs are designed keeping in trend with modern times and are stylish as well as robust.

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