Refurbish your server rack with useful server accessories

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  Refurbish your server rack with useful server accessories

  Are you getting tired of seeing an old server rack in your home and office everyday? Well, maybe it is the time to go for a revamp. As computer racks are common everywhere, many people prefer to select from a customised server rack with different features. They can be the ones that matches with the overall décor of the home or office. There are additional server accessories available to make it more purposeful.

  A Server rack with a front door

  Nowadays, with the growing availability of customised racks, it is quite possible to get front locking doors for security reasons. Among various locking options available for front doors, you can choose detachable door locking panel for better style and convenience. There are also full-length and halflength doors available as per customers’ requirements.

  Server rack with modified power strips

  Multiple power strips is an important accessory that can be attached to your computer rack. This is an easily customizable accessory that you can use as per your requirements. You can either fit them under the desk or mount on the wall. You can even ask your supplier for different switch options such as theone that can be applied to individual plug or just one switch for all plugs. If you want, you can also choose remote control options.

  Ventilation accessories with server stand

  If you want, you can buy ventilation accessory for your server stands separately as per your hardware requirements. You can also choose air filters to control the temperature of the server room.

  Therefore, opt for these customised accessories to make your rack more purposeful. Similarly, like computer server shelves, you can give a different look and shape to your interactive kiosk which offers a plethora of benefits to people. Like buying rail tickets, getting information about new products and services, access to the internet to mention a few.

  Accessories that you can add to your Kiosk include –

  • Magnetic strip or server shell

  • Keyboard attachment

  • Screen protector

  • Headphone hook

  • Power controlling remote

  • Audible alarm system

  • Battery backup

  • Heavy duty or robust flight case

  • Extra keys

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