Buy a server rack with locking system for better security

The server rack is the most demanding appliance both in the commercial and private sector. Their increasing demand has enabled new features to provide better user friendliness. The invention of highly advanced locking system is one of its latest features.

Locking features of a server rack

As there are different types of mind boggling locking features available in today’s server rack, the most common is the single point or 3 point locking system that comes with standard forms of racks. However, in these days, you can also go for a custom made locking system of the server shelf that is designed as per customers’ specifications.

Custom server shelves come with wing knob or swing handle lock with number keys. These are used to protect a company’s data centre. You can also go for electronic locks that are high in demand in these days. Some manufacturers even provide electronic padlocking with a server rack to ensure better security. Biometric locking system has also been introduced for the first time with unique fingerprint technology which is processed and stored in the handle of the cabinet to protect valuable data.

Need for locking system in server shelves

Since your laptop, PC and server contain important data and personal records; it is really essential to protect them from unwanted accidents. Hackers may find access to your personal information and delete all your data that may lead to serious problems for your organisation. Therefore, you should take proper measure to protect your data with the sound locking system.

Security features of Kiosk

To provide better customer experience, the Kiosks are generally placed in an open area or less secure environment. Therefore, it is really very important to make them built resilient and sturdy. These units need to be waterproof and highly resistant to any kind of damage. Check out the security features of a kiosk.

Two mm level carbon steel frame

This is an important feature of a kiosk which even withstands a blow from a mallet. It has also used multiple locking systems that allow access with a security key. The hinges mounted on the booth are made of stainless steel.

Tempered glass protection

Tempered glass makes the touch screens of these systems unbreakable. For indoor and outdoor booths, durability is a very important factor. This glass reduces the chances of its damage, and if it breaks due to any reason, it splinters into small pieces rather than sharp and pointed shards.

Other features

Kiosk comes with uninterrupted power supply system that helps to control humidity and heat inside the system.

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