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LAN center

A LAN Center is a business where two or more computers are collected over a Local Area Network (LAN). It is primarily used in offices to connect an entire department and provide them selective access and also in gaming centers to connect to a number of PC’s where users can play games.

USA has over 650 LAN centers while China has over 1750 such centers. These LAN centers are a major investment in any business- as they are costly, involves a large amount of data processing and are extremely crucial. In short it drives a business, and they rise and fall with new technology and marketing style.

The support system for the LAN center should also be good, as they play an integral part and will have a life as the same of the LAN center’s hardware components. Whether it is a Controlling lab or a station where things are monitored, a LAN center can be modified to suit your requirements.

The hardware is assembled upon reaching and every individual component of a setup has a safety lock feature to protect the user’s privacy.

Kiosk Stands

An electronic Kiosk is equipped with a computer and necessary security software to prevent users to access the system files. It is interactive in nature and can be in the form of touchscreens or push button type though touchscreens are generally used to improve on efficiency and service. It can be used for providing public information- such as guides in the form of e-directories and advertisement players and for personal use such as withdrawing money, ordering a product etc.

A global database system manages all user data and the data requested in retrieved in the local kiosk and displayed to the user. Authenticity confirmation is required to display data and once confirmed and transaction is complete the system is reset and details of the transaction are erased.

The features a good kiosk should be that it should have an attractive design, be robust to protect from external threats, have a user friendly interface and be heavy duty in nature. It should also have suitable air vents through which hot air from the system can be channeled outside. They are available both in standard forms and custom made.

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