Check out the large variety of custom server rack

Mounts and racks are truly essential in today’s networking offices and businesses. A server rack can better manage cables and other hardware equipment that help to avoid unwanted accidents. With the growing demand of these racks, the manufacturers are also bringing variations in their shapes, designs and functionalities.

Server shelves are most compatible with most devices; therefore, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility. The server shelves are basically strong but if you would like to place heavy equipment over it, then you need special frame designs that can sustain heavy weight and maintain stability. If you want, you can even add wheels in order to create mobility. A customised server rack comes up with hinges or doors that provide quick operations and accessibility.

Types of a server rack

Four post server shelves:

This is the most basic form of rack used in most of the business houses and hardware networking offices. They can be assembled easily and you don’t need to worry about its security as they come with locking doors. These shelves offer better accessibility as well as proper ventilation.

Two post relay shelves:

This is mainly used in the telecommunication industry and railroad signalling departments. These shelves offer a small footprint and are excellent for tight spaces. These are available in compact size. Like four server shelves, this rack also provides easy access to hardware equipment and accessories.

Portable racks:

For small applications, portable cabinets and racks offer the best option. In fact, you can bring it with yourself while travelling outdoor. These are lightweight which make them easy to move from one place to another. You can even place them under desks or on the top of counters when you don’t have enough space to accommodate.

Types of Kiosk

Like server shelves, digital booths or cubicles are also available in different forms with different features fulfilling the varied requirements of customers. Let’s have a look at their types

Touch screen kiosk:

Touch screen booth is very popular as it provides user-friendly access to customers. These are mainly used in shopping malls and retail stores allowing people to get information on store’s products and services.

Computer Kiosk with interactive features:

These are available with or without touch screen feature. Those without touch screen come with a keyboard and a mouse to input information. These are mainly found in railway stations that provide information to general people about any newly launched service or to offer customer support.

Security management kiosk:

These are used in high-security zones such as schools and offices. They mainly serve the purpose of tracking visitor’s movement and background and printing access badges.

These are the types of Kiosks that are currently ruling in the market. The demand for customised booths is also increasing with passing days.

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